To catalyze the collective realization of our inherent wholeness



A world where humanity actively stewards the health of individuals, community, and our planet’s ecosystems



Our mission is to nurture wellbeing by living in harmony within self, community, and nature

Values - Wholeness

  • Wholeness*
  • Integrity* (Safety, Devotion, Reverence, Consent)
  • Reciprocity*
  • Connection* 
  • Exploration* (Listening, Curiosity, Openness, Innovation, Awe)
  • Stewardship* (Leadership)
  • Evolutionary Wellbeing* (Integration, transformation)

Pillars - Hospitality

  • Sacred Space* (Nature, Home, Temples)
  • Community* (Co Creation, Culture, Creativity, Family, Home)
  • Practice* (Embodiment, Self, Mindfulness)
  • Nourishment* (Food as Medicine)
  • Healing*
  • Technology*

HOLOS Global Realms of Activity

  • Hospitality 
  • Digital
  • Place-Making


Ian-Michael Hébert

CEO, Head of Development

Esalen Institute, Chena Hot Springs Resort 

CIIS, MA in Counseling Psychology

Alex Enchin

Strategy & Partnerships

WhereiPark and WagJag Founder, Nikean Foundation Board Member. Psychedelic Integration Specialist.

Brittany Nelson

Hospitality & Operations

Summit Series, HABITAS, Summit Powder Mountain, Spirit Awakening Foundation, Deustch, DoLab

Carmen Littlejohn, MA

Clinical Advisors

MA, Clinical and Somatic Psychology Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association, EMDR Certified

Jeese Hanson, Ph.D

Clinical Advisors

Helix Healthcare Group, Passages Malibu

Ph.D & MA, Clinical Psychology Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Shelby Clark

Tech & Community

Turo Founder, Retreat Guru Head of Product, MetroMile Chief Marketing Officer, Kiva.org early team member and Director of Risk. 

Harvard MBA


Dr. Stanislav Grof *Founding Advisor

Lia Mix, Enthea Health

Mendel Kaelen Ph.D, Wavepaths

Sanjay Singhal, Nikean Foundation

Tim Chang, Mayfield + North Star

Deanne Adamson, Being True to You

Seth Miller, Fearless Ventures

Janet Zuccarini, Gusto 54 Group

Pascal Tremblay, Nectara Wellness

Jen Gural, Silver Ridge Recovery

Steve Rio, Enfold Institute

Samantha Sweetwater, One Life Circle

Joe Mattia, Psychedelic Times

Cameron Wenaus, Retreat Guru