Costa Rica·April 2 - 9 2022

Communitas: Our Place Within the Whole

Regeneration • Resilience • Stewardship of the Sacred



Communitas: the sense of sharing and intimacy that develops among persons who experience liminality as a group. "It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community, a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. And the practice can be carried out as a group, as a city, as a nation.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh We live in times of radical change. The last few years have permanently disrupted “normal” life and faced many of us with fundamental questions about who we want to be, what really matters, and how we can possibly work together to create a world worth living in. It’s time to re-integrate to holistic ways of knowing and living that our ancestors knew well. Community based practice is as old as culture. Sacred, communal practice lives in the roots of our very humanity as a liminal pathway for restoring oneness and wonder and guiding deep reciprocity and respect between humans, ancestors, plants, animals, ecosystems, forces of nature and the divine. This retreat braids a through line from our ancient past to a vital, relevant and thriving future by giving you the knowledge and tools you need to embody regeneration, resilience and stewardship of the sacred in your daily life. Our work together will integrate plant medicine ceremony, embodied practice, hands-on earth-work, nature quest, teachings in permaculture and systems change, and community circle. We at Holos believe that the best medicine - both for individuals and our world - is to reconnect with community, nature and the human capacity to co-create beauty and regeneration in our world. This retreat is for all those who know that their personal healing will be best supported by moving forward, on purpose, as a co-creator of the dream of a thriving world for all of life. You will go home with clarity of purpose, deepened earth skills, basic practices for ongoing community connection and wellbeing, a strengthened emotional, intellectual and spiritual foundation for resilience and regenerative stewardship in your world, and a new circle of peers to help you on your path.


A Unique Sacred Medicine Retreat

A Unique Sacred Medicine Retreat

You will learn and experience: Gather a new vision of your life purpose Recover true belonging - to yourself, to community and to the natural world One sacred ayahuasca ceremony and one sacred huachuma ceremony How to pray your life forward in partnership with All That Is How to activate your hands and heart through service How to track patterns and steward flows of energy on land How to collaborate with the animals, plants and natural forces of your place Essential embodiment practices for resilience The 7 Assumptions: interior alchemy to embody wholeness The 9 Principles of Neo-Shamanic Seeing & Knowing


Meet Samantha Sweetwater

Meet Samantha Sweetwater

An Awakening Coach, founder and director of One Life Circle plant medicine ministry, and founding Advisor of HOLOS Global. As a coach, ceremonial guide and wisdom teacher, she works in deep partnership with her clients to achieve optimal expression of Self.  Her unique facilitation bridges intuition, best practice somatics, current science, ancient knowledge, and a lifetime of experience as a transformational facilitator, whole-systems change agent and serial entrepreneur. As the former founder of Dancing Freedom, she supported tens of thousands of people to step deeper into embodiment and trained over 200 facilitators who continue to spread dance medicine globally. She has a Masters Degree in Wisdom Studies with emphasis in Integral Theory and Eco-Shamanic Trauma Mentoring and is a certified Dream Coach, Reiki Master, Ordained Priestess, yoga instructor and ever-committed life-learner. She meets you in unconditional love, perfect as you are, committed to walk with you as you step forward into the bigger life that is waiting for you in the embrace of your wholeness and your soul’s true legacy.

Meet Ian-Michael Hebert

Meet Ian-Michael Hebert

A steward of healing the interplay between the psyche, community and place. His formal training has been in eco-resort design and counseling psychology.  He is dedicated to restoring humanity’s reverence for the living earth. He has facilitated the expansion of Esalen Institute, the Denali Education Center, Chena Hot Springs, the Center for Ecological Living and Learning, and many other business and organizations. He is the founder of HOLOS Global, a network of land-based centers around the world bridging places, people, plants and practices.  He believes in honoring local and indigenous wisdom when developing built environments, and has demonstrated the capacity to catalyze teams in creating enduring structures and institutions that will benefit generations to come.



Private Room

Single queen bed in a beautiful nest overlooking the valley


Double Shared Room

Two queen sized beds in a beautiful nest overlooking the valley


Triple Shared Room

Three twin beds in a beautiful nest overlooking the valley


Communitas: Our Place Within the Whole

Costa Rica· April 2 - 9 2022· 7 nights