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HOLOS is the perfect place to experience leading-edge personal development trainings not easily found anywhere else in the world.  Courses offered will range from relational somatic psychotherapy, support training for physicians and bodyworkers, to psychedelic assisted psychotherapy trainings.  The opportunity to be immersed in nature, have access to an array of wellness therapies, and to be part of a community are wonderful ways to nurture yourself while upgrading your professional status and standards.  These unique training opportunities will help to define you as leaders in the field towards a more effective mental health treatment model.

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Our everyday life tends to go fast, and leaves us feeling disconnected from ourselves and others.  The mindfulness path is an opportunity to slow down, unwind, and get in touch with your deeper Self.   These retreats are focused on personal development, trauma resolution, and amplification of mindfulness practices.  Our guests will experience individual and relational small group therapy, psychoeducation, trauma resolution therapies, time with Nature, bio feedback support, nurturing from our wellness therapies, and plenty of rest and play.  The ceremonies included on the mindfulness path offer a chance to connect to ancestral wisdom, the inherent healing of nature, and the chance to more deeply embody who you truly are.

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The heart of the deepest work at HOLOS will be the medicine path.  This path incorporates all elements of the mindfulness path, and adds in ceremonial experiences inspired by indigenous practices and assisted by psychedelic medicines.   Our medicine retreats provide unparalleled ceremonial preparation and integration work, with the nurturing support of our wellness therapies, and integrate time-honoured traditions known to facilitate transformation and healing.